Friday, 12 September 2014

EasyTether for Android and BlackBerry, the latest updates add Bluetooth tethering

Last week we released several updates for EasyTether components, both on Android and BlackBerry platforms.

The computer-side software for Windows was completely rewritten to improve performance (both in latency and throughput) and increase compatibility with the latest Android devices.

EasyTether now supports Bluetooth tethering for Windows (Linux support will follow shortly).

Responding to heavy demand, next weeks we will extend the range of supported architectures for Linux and *BSD platforms (ARM and PowerPC for sure, others may follow).

EasyTether for Android is available at Google Play Store and on our website

Download free, limited EasyTether Lite for Android from our website

Download free, limited EasyTether Lite from Google Play Store

Buy EasyTether for Android, one-time fee $9.99

EasyTether for BlackBerry (including BlackBerry 10) is available at BlackBerry World. Currently EasyTether is the only tethering app for BlackBerry 10 that implements its own tethering mechanism from scratch and does not rely on any built-in features.

Download free time-limited EasyTether for BlackBerry

Buy unlimited EasyTether for BlackBerry, one-time fee $9.99


Momof3boyz said...

I have emailed 4 requests for an activation code with no response. Can you tell me how long the wait time is for those of us that want to tether our phones? In the past I received the code within a few hours.


JustMe said...

We cannot identify you.
Please email us at mstream2009(at)gmail(dot)com

Brittany said...

I have successfully tethered my computer(Windows 8) and Droid Rzr M. I use the Mediastic USB Bluetooth Adapter to pair my phone and computer together so I can use bluetooth mode with easytether. It works great except for audio. I can't figure out how to get the sound to play through my computer when it is bluetoothed with my phone. Do you know what setting I need to change?

JustMe said...

What audio do you mean? EasyTether has nothing to do with audio.

Jhon Saka said...