Tuesday, 27 January 2015

EasyTether for Sprint

Google Play Store does not allow Sprint users to download EasyTether.

Sprint users can download EasyTether Lite and purchase an activation key directly from our website.

Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers can download EasyTether from Amazon as well

EasyTether is fully compatible with Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile. The only problem is that it is invisible in Google Play Store.


Thomas Schenk said...

I think that EasyTether is a great application and I've used it for some time, but recently it stopped working for my Linux laptop. The problem appears to be kernel version related, specifically that it won't work if I boot the Fedora 21 3.19.1-201.fc21.x86_64 kernel, but if I go back to the 3.18.9-200.fc21.x86_64 kernel, it does.

Otherwise, it has worked for me flawlessly.


CPlusPlus Goddess said...

Dear Mobile Stream,
This is a request for a new 5 digit license pin.
my IMEI: 990001466067964

and the original purchase order via MobiHand:
Your order 4228021 from Mobile Stream (a MobiHand Service). I also emailed a copy of this purchase to your support email.

Currently, when I run Easy Tether on my new phone, I receive an "update the host-side software" next to the USB checkbox.
Does this imply that suppliers, e.g. google, don't run distribute the latest Mobile Stream host software?

Thank you for your effort and product. I get a lot of millage with Easy Tether !

Amber Rogowicz

JustMe said...

The host software needs to be downloaded from our website

The host drivers were never downloaded from Google.

Rachel Willobee said...

Easy Tether is available in Google Play on my Sprint cell. Easy Tether Lite however, has been removed.. had to go to previous downloaded apps.

Unknown said...

Will this work with my sprint samsung note 5

Unknown said...

Will this work with my sprint samsung note 5

JustMe said...

Yes, Easytether works with Sprint Samsung phones.
You can download free EasyTether Lite from our website

David Riffel said...

Anyway to stabilize the bluetooth so it stops dropping connection all the time?
Samsung galaxie note 4

Andrew Abraham said...

I paid for the pro version and am switching to Sprint from another network. How do I prove I paid for it if I get it from another source like Amazon or apk download?