Tuesday, 4 September 2012

EasyTether and MobiHand accounts

We've been receiving many emails from users asking what has happened to their MobiHand accounts and why they cannot generate new codes. We are developers, MobiHand is a reseller, MobiHand has been selling our apps and it is MobiHand who completely deleted users' accounts. Those of you who purchased our apps from MobiHand before September 2011 can email us your new phone's MEID to support(at)mobile-stream(dot)com and get your new codes for free.

Unfortunately, some customers are trying to hit the easiest target and blame us for MobiHand failures. Probably because MobiHand team simply does not respond. That's not good. Again, we are developer, we gave our apps to MobiHand to sell. We have no control over MobiHand website or over users' accounts. By the way, MobiHand purged our developer account as well, without any notice. MobiHand filed for bankruptcy and we, developers, were not even notified by MobiHand team about that. First they did not pay, then they declared bankruptcy purging all the statistics and failing to notify their developers.

People behind MobiHand who misappropriated EasyTether royalties for a year(!): David Schoenbach, Richard Wood, Adriano Chiaretta, Steve Howard, Sebastian Dijmarescu. When they needed money, they simply dipped into their bestselling developer's account. When a lawsuit was coming to an end, they filed for bankruptcy to get away with non-payment and subsequent unauthorized selling.

Sunday, 15 July 2012