Monday, 21 April 2014

EasyTether 1.1.9 adds USB tethering for BlackBerry 10 - tether your BlackBerry 10 to Windows

As promised, EasyTether has been updated to 1.1.9

EasyTether now supports USB tethering for BlackBerry 10.

EasyTether is available in BlackBerry World

Please carefully follow the instructions in the app.


writergirl said...

Since the upgrade to 1.1.9 on my Android phone, EasyTether seems to work only intermittently. Even when it shows I'm connected to the Internet, I sometimes cannot access websites or email. Then it will work for a few minutes, then stop. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Tom Link said...

same happening to me..

JustMe said...

You're commenting EasyTether for BlackBerry 10 app.

If you have EasyTether for Android, send an email to support(at)mobile-stream(dot)com