Wednesday, 31 July 2013

EasyTether and Verizon

First and foremost, Verizon does not block EasyTether. Please do not listen to some ignorant bloggers.

EasyTether still works fine on all Verizon phones because it is a complete tethering re-implementation and it does not depend on any Verizon tethering features.

The only real problem is that EasyTether is now invisible in the Android Market for Verizon phone users.

However, carriers cannot prevent you from using third-party tethering apps because of the latest FCC tether rulings.

If you are an existing EasyTether customer who wants to re-download the application to your Verizon phone, please tell us your order number (see here on how to restore it) or just forward your purchase receipt to us. We'll arrange an alternative download link for you. Our support email is support(at)mobile-stream(dot)com

If you use the Lite version and want to purchase the full app, please go to our EasyTether purchase page.


Anonymous said...

Easy Tether works fine on my Verizon HTC Rezound running Android 3 Honeycomb. Verizon would like me to upgrade to Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Do I dare? Is Easy Tether working on ICS on Verizon? Thanks.

Victim of Identity theft said...

Downloaded t my virgin phone tried connecting via blue tooth. Nothing but error 651 shows on windows 8 laptop what's wrong here?

JustMe said...

Bluetooth is for Android tablets

JustAQuestion said...

@JustMe do you mean only Android tablets can act as a Bluetooth modem, or do you mean you use EasyTether on your phone, in Bluetooth mode, to connect tablet-like devices to the internet through your phone?