Friday, 17 February 2017

Buy EasyTether for Android (activation key) for $9.99 (one-time fee only)

You can buy an activation code for EasyTether directly from the dev website for $9.99 (one-time fee only)
PayPal and credit/debit cards (even without a PayPal account) are accepted.


IMEI/MEID is the number shown on your phone when you run EasyTether Lite, press Activate, press Enter Code

Your EasyTether activation key will be sent to your PayPal email or to the email you provided (if you used a card payment without PayPal).

Email our support team if you have any difficulties.


Anonymous said...

I've had Easy Tether (paid version) on my Huawei H866C for just under a year. Regular tethering works OK (90% of the time) but SSL tethering for banking or Facebook (for example) seldom works. maybe 10% of the time) and requires a reboot of the PC and the smart phone.,

Also, I must start Easy Tether each time I use it.

I have a Windows 7 and a Windows 8 computer with latest maintenance - about the same results on each.

What phone should I buy (and what carrier) for best results?

Any fixes to Easy Tether I should install?

Thank you. /Stu

Tim Thurman said...

I've already purchased this. And cant find my code. Any way to retrieve it?

JustMe said...

email your order number (order receipt) to We'll check the status of your order. With the activated app all sites work ok.

JustMe said...

Tim Thurman, email and tell us your purchase email and where you have bought the app.

Victim of Identity theft said...

Googly play states this is a free version. When I open. They want $9.99. Before i can use the program?not even knowing if it works? What's up duck.

Michael MGAC said...

I resent you my updated correct MEID via Gmail. I eagerly await your response so I can tether my new tablet to my phone.

Thank you again.

JustMe said...

Victim of Identity theft

EasyTether Lite does not limit http sites. You can try the Lite version, with http sites it works forever.
You need the paid app only to access https sites.

JustMe said...

Michael MGAC

Your code 17841 has already been emailed to you.

No response to Customer said...

Very dissapointed about not getting a response with my mew code. You should invest in making it so we can do it ourself like we used to be able to....Still waiting for my new code.

JustMe said...

No response to Customer,
You have not mentioned your email, so i cannot even track your order or your code request.
Mention your email or contact us at mstream2009(at)gmail(dot)com

John said...

have already bought it I need help installing it

JustMe said...

John, please follow these instructions

or email

willie wonka said...

I get error message: "Could not reach phone side service. Enable the USB feature in EasyTheter on your phone..."

My phone is an LG L33L Android 5.0. My computer is Windows 10. My carrier is AT&T. My EasyTether verion on the phone is 1.1.15. I have installed, uninstalled and downloaded several times both computer and phone software but cannot get it corrected. Please help me. Thank you.

Bhagwat Manish said...

Hi can u share the trial version of easytether for blackberry 9810?
I'm unable to find it on blackberry world.
I would appreciate if you can send me the direct setup link or application on my email id(

Thanks in advance

Bhagwat Manish said...


Can you pls email me the trial version of easytether for blackberry 9810.
I'm unable to download from blackberry world. So I would be grateful of yours if you could share the setup file on my email id (

Thanks in advance.

JustMe said...

Here is the link to the trial version of EasyTether for BlackBerry

JustMe said...

Please update EasyTether Pro to 1.1.16

If you still have difficulties, please email

Brady Knox said...

Bought easy tether pro but it says waiting for connection to host. What do I do to get this to work?

Brady Knox said...

Bought pro version did the set up. It just keeps saying waiting on connection from host and isn't working.How can I get this to work?