Monday, 21 November 2011

MobiHand - a huge rip-off

MobiHand Inc., a Californian company, does not pay royalties for EasyTether. They owe me a huge sum of money - $163976

Here is a detailed debt breakdown:
July royatlies: $50,645.70
August royalties: $69,759.51
September royaltes: $43,570.81

The guys at MobiHand admitted the debt and said they were in financial difficulties. But they refused to work out a payment schedule. And later stopped replying to my emails at all.

They still run their business, so they obviously have some money. 


Anonymous said...

Well, you've got the money to take them to court.

penchkes said...

WOW i thought i was ripping u off with free internet I AM GETTING SCREWED WHILE I HELP MAKE THEM MONEY!