Sunday, 5 September 2010

EasyTether F.A.Q.


John said...

Can't get the PPTP VPN solution described here to work for me... when EasyTether connects to my VPN'd phone, my computer indicates I'm on the network but have no internet access. Help?

Anonymous said...

Tether app on my samsung galaxy II is causing my data usage to red line. It is using 1.05 gb
How do i clear this problem? Help

Anonymous said...

I bought easy tether pro for $ a new galaxy s 3.I need to get it on this phone.don't know how to get it back.please help.

Chris Oneal said...

I am receiving an internal certificate chaining error when I attempt to install the easytether drivers onto my windows xp computer, is there a fix for this?

JustMe said...

Chris Oneal

Make sure you have the latest Windows Service Pack installed.
If that does not help, email our support team

Melanie Gafford said...

well after posting my question couldnt even begin my tethering @ all things started coming up that needed my personal attention not giving me a free min. so i thank you for your feedback , im gonna try it again & see what happens not real computer savy everythi ng ive learned ive did it myself anyway thanx

JustMe said...

melanie gafford,
you should email support(at)mobile-stream(dot)com and tell us:
1. your phone model and your carrier
2. do you see "connect via android" when you right-click the easytether icon in the windows tray
3. do you see any specific error messages? If yes, when and where?