Saturday, 20 April 2013

EasyTether orders from MobiHand (relaunched as Appanite)

We will not support MobiHand orders made after September 20, 2011. We, as developers, did not receive anything from MobiHand for these purchases and MobiHand had deleted developers' accounts without any prior notice three weeks before filing bankruptcy. Most orders were occasionally made via MobiHand system even though we had unpublished EasyTether long before. Since the end of September 2011 we have not mentioned MobiHand as our reseller, both our website and the updated EasyTether Lite have been using direct PayPal or Google Play payments.

 It is strange that we, developers, learned about MobiHand filing bankruptcy, from Internet and other sources, and not from MobiHand itself.

Per agreement it was MobiHand responsibility to generate new codes. Out of respect to customers we will generate new codes for all the purchases made before September 20, 2011.

Those who bought EasyTether from MobiHand reseller after September 20, 2011 are encouraged to repurchase the app from our site.
Buy EasyTether directly from the developer website

People behind MobiHand who took my EasyTether royalties for a year(!):
David Schoenbach,
Richard Wood,
Adriano Chiaretta,
Steve Howard,
Sebastian Dijmarescu.

When they needed money, they simply dipped into their bestselling developer's account. When a lawsuit was coming to an end, they filed for bankruptcy to get away with non-payment and subsequent unauthorized selling.

They misappropriated big royalties, Richard Wood claimed that they needed money to finance their projects with Cisco, Lenovo and Foxconn

It is disgusting that in order to finance the so-called innovative development with "Fortune-500 companies" they simply robbed their small developer(s).


Those guys from MobiHand that stole tens of thousands dollars from our EasyTether royalties just launched a new Android-related app portal.

MobiHand scam reincarnated as Appanite Inc

This time they are not in California, but in Delaware

They say
We’ve worked with some of the largest operators and device makers in the world. And we’ve worked with developers ranging from 1-person indies to the largest game developers.

They forget to mention that they have stolen too much money from small 1-person developers.

Dealing with Appanite means that you support stealing from small developers.


Sten said...

Thanks for the info - I just received a spam from them to an address used for a Hobbyist Software purchase.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I'll delete this email ans spread the word they stole money from you. I'm sorry this happened.

Rexx123456 said...

Thank you. I just received a promotional email from Appanite. After reading your post, I will never do business with that company.

mainsailman said...

How get a new code for my Android now that I've changed phones?

JustMe said...
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